Vehicle Servicing

Manufacturers Log Book Servicing

A log book service is a comprehensive check list that has been set out by the vehicle manufacturer. It has been designed to keep your car running an optimal level by replacing filters and oils when prescribed and checking and making specific adjustments. This will in turn help to prevent any unnecessary repair costs due to lack of maintenance.

You do not need to go back to the dealer for these services to keep and maintain the vehicles statutory warranty!

The work carried out by City Rubber on your vehicle strictly follows the guide lines set out by the manufacturer and uses only guaranteed replacement parts and oils during the service.

Regular Services

It is important to have your vehicle regularly inspected and serviced. The main reason for this is to try and ensure that between services the chance of your vehicle having a problem is greatly reduced.

During a Regular Service your vehicle will have:

  • Filter and oil change
  • Using guaranteed filters and semi- synthetic oil
  • Battery test
  • All fluids checked and topped up
  • Belts, brakes and suspension inspected
  • All lights and windscreen wipers checked
  • Tyres rotated and balanced
  • A full written report

If any additional work is required to your vehicle, at the time of the service, you will be contacted and have this explained and quoted before this work is carried out.